Tuesday, May 31, 2011

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  • Flying Llama
    Nov 2, 10:13 AM
    Obviously it's faster, but has anyone actually checked how much faster? I'd like to switch my main box to the console app but I don't want to lose all the work I've done on this WU.. Is there a way to do that, or should I just bite the bullet and lose the current WU?

    I'm guessing you're talking about folding@home...
    Yes, the non-GUI version is muc, much faster. Wait until you finish this WU, then switch. Simple as that.

    llama :)

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  • covertsurfer
    Apr 8, 08:53 AM


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  • Shaduu
    Jan 15, 07:44 AM
    I thought it was at 10am Pacific Standard Time, which would be 6pm here. :confused: Am I totally gone or is it starting at 9am PST? (which would be 5pm here)

    edit: FRICK! yeah, ok, 9am PST/ 5pm GMT :o

    I'll get my coat.

    9am PST so starting at 5pm. :)

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  • calculus
    Jan 13, 12:12 PM
    you make a device that streams media from your mac to your tv .. and you dont call it iTV ..you call is apple tv! .. cuz callign it iTV would be too easy ..


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  • toxthexnines
    Oct 24, 08:27 PM
    Im heading up there after tech school on friday so i'll be there around 445. Im planning on bringing my macbook pro with me to use while i wait.

    Anybody know if woodland hills has good wi-fi in the mall?

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  • stroked
    Apr 22, 06:09 PM
    I apologize if I may have violated the rules with regard to asking a question about selling an item, it's not may intention to come here to pawn something off.

    As for my friend, we have known each other since kindergarten (now in our 30s) and I originally offered to give it to him for free but he insisted on paying a fair-market price.

    I just sent you a friend request.


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  • cocky jeremy
    Oct 28, 08:24 PM
    My girlfriend saw this and made me one yesterday.. :)

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  • mkrishnan
    Feb 16, 03:00 PM
    Yeah, that's it. The comments in the extensionroom seemed to claim that TBP had exactly the same features, but was less buggy. I guess they were wrong.

    The only part of it I use is the forcing of new windows to open as new tabs instead, so there wasn't any visible difference to me.

    On Windows, but not Mac, I've seen some bugginess with TBE where it will sometimes fail to implement its prefs correctly on startup, so that close buttons aren't where they're supposed to be, single-window-mode doesn't work, etc, and restarting FF is required. I don't think I've seen this on my Mac. I'm not sure to be honest, though, how true all this is. The last time I tried TBP, it did not have all the features TBE did.

    But when I was talking about accidentally getting TBP, I was wondering if the OP might have done that, and thought TBE was missing a lot of prefs on the Mac. But unlikely. :)


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  • Island Dog
    Sep 19, 09:11 PM
    I have a Dell laptop now with a 30gb drive and have barely 5gb filled. I don't think having a 40gb in my iBook will be a big problem.

    An external drive would be nice because I would like to share files between computers.

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  • Hellhammer
    Apr 13, 10:58 AM
    if so, should i just wait that time and see if there more rumors about it?

    If you aren't buying it now, then your only option is to wait. When you have the money, then take a new look at the buyer's guide to see if there are any new news about the ACD.

    also, im just curious, what can apple improve?

    Thunderbolt, possibly with daisy-chaining.


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  • ZoomZoomZoom
    Oct 11, 07:08 PM
    I'm not exactly sure what you're asking for. I'm assuming that you have your own webhosting, your own domain, etc. and you want blogger to ftp out an index.html file?

    If so, you just set up your blog with the option to "host on your own server." Then, after it's created, you hit it "Settings" tab in your blog panel. And then in that, you hit that "Publishing" tab. Put in your ftp server, path, and the filename you want it to publish to. Then, if you'd like for it to ftp each post without prompting you for your username and password each time, you can enter your ftp username and password under the query for blog filename and such.

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  • mrapplegate
    Apr 11, 11:01 AM
    Also I even tried restoring twice into earlier OS X Lion backups but that didn't even work :/ :(
    Can you get into the recovery partition ( command-r ) ?


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  • definitive
    Feb 3, 03:48 PM
    Does anyone know how I could do this? Basically I have a client who wants to stream a part of their store to the general public so that people could see what happens during the day. All that I know at the moment is that it will be a flash window located on their front page. I just don't know how I should go about streaming to the web. Would I need a dedicated IP? Hardware/Server? What kind of bandwidth would this require?

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  • WinterMute
    Jul 10, 06:45 PM
    Same problem with the cover on the 17" PBook, but a Swiss Army knife blade works very nicely wgen you haven't got the right driver.


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  • dh2005
    May 6, 10:16 AM
    Glad to hear that :)

    I only do online gaming, btw.

    Sorry... do you mean that this machine will be specifically for gaming?

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  • xbuddycorex
    May 2, 07:17 PM
    It's not one of the first ones made, the iPhone was released on June 29th, 2007 and your phone was made in the first week of July, 2007. Therefore the initial influx of production models were already in the hands of the first customers before yours was made. It was made fairly early in the cycle, but definitely not in the first group.


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  • fpar
    Jun 20, 09:42 AM
    would you send it to the uk? The address would be confirmed. paypal

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  • uplusd
    May 3, 03:16 AM
    As a previous poster mentioned, easiest to use CCC to move your current installation of OS X over to the SSD... See here for instructions:


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  • swedishchef
    Sep 28, 09:17 AM
    Hi, I'm going to be ordering a 12" PB in the next couple of weeks, whether the much rumored revisions happen or not but in would be cool if they did. This will be my first Mac and I'm very excited but I have a couple of questions:

    1) What do you guys think of Bluetooth mice? I've seen some complaints about problems with them connecting and lag time between mouse and cursor. The lag-time thing would be pretty unacceptable for me so should I go with BT or just get a regular RF? (I'm thinking of the Macally BTMouse)

    2) RAM - I'm going to max out the RAM (1.25g) so is there any advantage to the RAM Apple installs on built-to-order machines that makes it worth the $400 price tag or is this just the cost of convenience? I've worked on PC's before so I wouldn't find the idea of purchasing RAM somewhere else and installing it myself all that intimidating.

    3) I'm going to be doing a lot of video editing work with this computer, I know it's not the ideal machine for it but it's what I can afford and it should do the job until I can buy something better. My question is should I get a notebook cooling stand (with the fans in it) for when I'm doing these resource intensive operations or would something like the iCurve be enough?

    Thanks for reading and for your advice.


    Oct 17, 11:49 AM
    This is my first post so hello all.

    I went over to techTV.com today and found a realy good video clip showing you the future of PC in five years time, and thay had some great hardware on show too.

    But the best thing in the video was this great looking OS that was runing on there computers. Man I thought OSX was a good looking OS, but this look's so good. This is a must see.


    And if I ever become a rich man I would love to have one of these monitors to work on PLEASE PLEASE.

    May 6, 09:44 PM
    it's pretty pathetic that you aren't taking the advice that you obviously don't wanna hear but NEED to hear. if there was another reason for it, someone would have helped you BY NOW. but you know what, nobody has. so how about you be on your way, to the damn store.

    I never said I wasn't taking the advice you dumb twat

    Mar 24, 03:58 PM
    http://www.macrumors.com/images/macrumorsthreadlogo.gif (http://www.macrumors.com/2010/03/24/apple-releases-canon-printer-drivers-2-2-for-snow-leopard/)


    Apple today released Canon Printer Drivers 2.3 for Mac OS X v10.6 (http://support.apple.com/kb/DL899), an updated package of drivers for users of Mac OS X Snow Leopard and Canon printers and multifunction devices.

    The update weighs in at 281.16 MB and requires Mac OS X 10.6.1 or later. Full details of driver support for various Canon devices are available in Apple's associated support document (http://support.apple.com/kb/HT3669#canon).

    Update: While Apple's download page still lists the version as 2.2, the actual download indicates that 2.3 is now the latest version of the Canon drivers.

    Update 2: Apple has corrected the download page to refer to the proper version (2.3) of the drivers.

    Article Link: Apple Releases Canon Printer Drivers 2.3 for Snow Leopard (http://www.macrumors.com/2010/03/24/apple-releases-canon-printer-drivers-2-2-for-snow-leopard/)

    Nov 19, 05:11 PM
    any idea if/when this might happen for f@h? it'd be pretty cool

    i would love for this to happen, but i haven't heard anything lately

    Apr 20, 07:21 PM
    too much Mary Jane huh?


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